Rules and information about the tournament:
General info:
- Tournament will be played in Trackmania 2 Stadium
- Registration phase ends at March 29, 2015
- A team needs to have at least 3 and max 6 members
- League shedule and the number of groups will depend on the registrations (max 32 teams)

- The tournament will have both a group phase and playoffs (single elimination)
- First Matchday at Sunday April 05, 2015
- possible Prizes are still being discussed

- Deftime Sunday 8 pm CET
- 3 submatches per match. (1x 1vs1 , 1x 2vs2, 1 3vs3)
- Points for 2vs2 = 4,3,2,1 | 3vs3 = 6,5,4,3,2,1 (teammode) 
- 1vs1 player cant play the 2vs2
- maxpts 7 for 1vs1& 3vs3 and 5 for 2vs2
- tennis mode for playoffs
- all 3 maps must be played in group phase.
- map score decides the outcome of the match. (3-0,2-1,1-2,0-3)
- round score decides, if two or more teams have the same map score after group phase.
- Teams need to upload screenshots.
- Teams need to wait for 5 minutes if a player disconnects.
- If one team doesnt show up at the sheduled time , the other team has to wait for 15 minutes and take a screenshot after that to get a defwin
- Respawn is not allowed